Wardite with Eosphorite - Yukon, Canada

Wardite with Eosphorite - Yukon, Canada

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Rapid Creek, Dawson Mining District, Yukon Territories, Canada

47h x 43w x40d    xls>10mm


White to cream adamantine tetragonal crystals of this relatively rare phosphate on a fractured brecciated matrix.

The growth striations can be clearly seen on the lustrous faces of some of the wardite crystals, that generously cover the specimen and vary in size up to a centimetre.

 associated with micro pale creamy brown Eosphorite  Mn2+AlPO4(OH)2 · H2O. ( Mn 2 + analogue of Childrenite series) seen between the wardite and coating some surfaces.


A less common and not often available species, from the area that is notoriously treacherous and only accessible for a few short weeks during the summer for collecting.