Fluorite : Greenlaws Mine, Weardale, Co.Durham

Fluorite : Greenlaws Mine, Weardale, Co.Durham

SKU: TM2001

Yellow Fluorite

Greenlaws Mine,

Daddry Shield, Weardale,

County Durham, England, UK.

85 x 60 x 22mm Largest xl> 30mm on edge

The yellow colour variants of fluorite from here are much less common and are highly prized by collectors.

This great specimen of pale honey yellow also has an attractive contrasting lilac coloured zoning to the edges.

In addition its also a recrystalised example with reticulated growth on some edges and has no matrix.(see reverse pic of specimen).

Yet another bonus is the inclusion of Pyrite crystals within the fluorite.

There is glue attached to the 'base' of the specimen, where i had it displayed on a stand, which can be removed by the buyer.