Elbaite Tourmaline - Resplendor, BRAZIL

Elbaite Tourmaline - Resplendor, BRAZIL

SKU: EF0522A

Elbaite Tourmaline


Doce Valley,

Minas Gerais,



S.Cab: : 59 x 36 x 30mm          - 94gms


Exceptional deep green Elbaite Tourmaline with complex multiple terminations, from the Aimorés pegmatite district, Eastern Brazil.

The colour of the crystal varies throughout its length from a deep bottle green to a brownish tawny yellow and back to a dark cap.

The main termination is made up of fibrous crystal strands -clearly seen below the cap and above the 'lower' termination which has a crystal face, punctuated by the wonderful addition of a micro crystal of deep brown Cassiterite.

Some of the fibrous terminations have an attractive lilac tone to them.The Elbaite has a small point of attachment at the base, but also has fibrous terminations here too, aswell as some attached Albite.


Deaccessioned from my collection, this Tourmaline was originally collected in the late 1970's / early 1980's