• Colleen Thomson

The latest Incarnation

Hi - Welcome to the latest incarnation of my website!

I often bemoan the fact that there are 'too many hours in the day'! Consequently i never seem to be able to 'fit in' everything I feel I should be doing.

Of course, its not so much that theres not enough hours in the day, because there's the same amount in the day for everyone else. Its just i have a never ending wants list in my head of things i would like to achieve and rarely get through.

I'm not afraid to admit theres probably too much procrastination and wishful thinking and less of the actual 'doing'.

One of many in this list is the continual redevelopment and upgrading of this website.

Now I could save up pots of money and hand it over to a website development company to build and host, which would be far too easy and i like to challenge myself. As some people will tell you - I can be very challenging on occasion!

I enjoy the challenge and continue to learn a huge amount on my website development journey.

The site is actually beginning to resemble something i have been striving to achieve for years, certainly in layout and with continual improvement in the content.

Please dont judge me too harshly - but please DO help me by letting me know how things could be improved upon or what isnt working quite as it should. I am aware there will be a few glitches and bugs to iron out :-)

My photography is another area I would like to continue to improve upon. I think its certainly better than it used to be!

More on that another time, I think!

Meanwhile, Please do enjoy looking around the website. It will continue to improve and blossom into something quite amazing. I would love for you to check in often and join me on the journey. I think its worth sharing.

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